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About Us

DenisseBenitez.co caters to those who value fashion. We are for everyone looking for décor inspiration for their own home but lacking the time to look through each cushion or curtain and asking us to do an edit for them. We all know how vital it is to enjoy your home life. Living somewhere you love can do wonders for your mental health. In light of this, we are
We provide information on the latest launches, house tours, style updates, hosting suggestions, and product evaluations. We also provide ideas for stylish trips. The site regularly features news about interior design, color trends, and kitchens and bathrooms. We are just as enthusiastic about a pantry as we are about a living room, even though the smart house is very crucial. The greatest smart bulbs (and why you might want one). How to best decorate a living room TV, and all the information you require to build an automated house.
We put a lot of attention on affordable improvements that we believe could eventually become design classics. As well as on quick new season buys.
Our company’s objective is to provide news about current and emerging trends in interior design. establishing trends, setting trends. And providing so much expert insight that you are fully equipped with all the necessary décor knowledge.


Giving you the finest information on any purchases you make is very important to us. For this reason, we try to evaluate as many items in person as we can. Both internal reviewers and independent reviewers contribute to our reviews. Though they frequently test for considerably longer periods of time. We require that they test everything for at least two weeks.

We don’t charge for our reviews, but occasionally the reviewer gets to keep the thing they tested.

Everything we test is done at home, exactly as it should be. In order for you to judge whether the product will suit your lifestyle. We try to provide you as much information as we can about the reviewer’s home setup. Some of our tests are a little bit more scientific. But overall, we put things through the rigors of daily life to see whether. They are worthwhile investments.Because some products are not appropriate for standalone reviews. We will do a brief review of those products as part of the buying guide.


The denissebenitez.co “tried. adored” emblem will let you know if we have personally evaluated anything and truly adore it. These are displayed in our reviews as well as on the respective products where they are mentioned in buying guides. These are given when a product receives 4.5 out of 5 stars from our reviewers.
Although brands cannot pay to receive these badges. we do provide them the option to purchase the badge to use on their own marketing collateral. This is always provided after the review has been completed. And our writers will not be persuaded to give a positive review or compensated for it.

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